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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 4, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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motivated by robbery. >> there are different sources that came together during the course of the week and detectives are working it nonstop. >> reporter: a crowd of 100 residents gathered to pray for justice and answers on wednesday and they lit candles in cullen's memory. police were initially called there for a robbery in progress. >> they don't have prior contact but we're certainly looking at other assaults that have been reported. >> reporter: witnesses say they heard the suspects laughing after they slammed cullen's head into a brick wall when paramedics found him unconscious. his pockets were turned inside out but nothing was taken. >> it is tragic consequences and this man dies as a result of it and these three young men are going to jail for some time. >> reporter: now, detectives also confirmed that there was
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actually a fourth teenager there when cullen was killed but only these three teenaged boys are being charged so no further charges are anticipated. all three suspects are being held without bail. we asked but police would not talk to us about any surveillance video they may have uncovered in this crime or a cell phone video that may have contained video about this crime. for now, live at philadelphia police headquarters, cydney long for nbc 10 news. breaking news from claymont, delaware. you can see as firefighters helped them out of their balconies. the philadelphia judge denied bail for meek mill and called him a danger to the community and a flight risk. erin coleman is live in the news
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center with more on what the judge had to say. >> jackie, meek mill lawyers have been working to get him out of jail since last night. he was sentenced to prison after violating his probation which he's been on for more than a decade. the rapper used a dirt bike to sell drugs in 2007 and violated his probation when caught popping wheellies on a new york city street earlier this year. the judge said, "meek mill continues to pose a great risk to the safety of others in philadelphia and throughout the country." the filings went on to say, the rapper has failed drug screenings saying it is unclear if he continued to use fast flush or other items to conceal his urine. fast flush is something that you ingest to get drugs out of your
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symptoms. the lawyer has talked about why the judge needs to recuse herself. people are outside for an early afternoon walk. this is a live look at the italian market. it's a fun place to visit and spend time. we're tracking the return of rain tomorrow. tammie souza is breaking down the timing. >> the clouds are going to be with us. doppler radar not picking any rain up but we're certainly seeing those clouds move in. we have a break after the fog this morning with sunshine and then the clouds started drifting in. all of that is ahead of this. it's a pretty potent storm system. you can see some showers forming in parts of ohio. the main body of showers is going to come from illinois and indiana and on the backside, look at that, it's significant snow. why is that? look how cold it is.
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behind the cold front it's going to drive the showers and rain in our direction for tomorrow. we'll have a one-two punch. we'll see the rain develop and scattered showers in the morning and then we look at some very cold air moving in here. right now, it's 51 in philadelphia and 59 in pittsburgh. 48 in coatesville and 49 in trenton and 46 in allentown with a 51 in dover. for tonight, we are going to be very, very mild out there with the cloud cover in place and southerly wind bringing warmth into the area. 46 in philadelphia when you wake up tomorrow. 42 in wilmington. 49 in allentown and 44 in atlantic city. it looks like we could see 60 degrees across much of the area tomorrow but behind that, some of that fiercely cold air once we're into that air, we do not recover. we spend the next ten days in the 30s and 40s. we'll discuss that in a couple of minutes.
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>> and we want to go to tim furlong for more on the motel murders. tim, what can you tell us? >> reporter: they are not calling it a murder at this police gave us a briefing about what is going on here at the day one motel. that's how it came out over the radio transmissions, as a death investigation. police are on the scene here and they are handling this investigation. about 2:20 this afternoon they got called to this location for a death investigation, is all they are saying at this point. nobody it talking to us about what happened and police are still trying to sort through all of the details. the only thing really close that you can see from the sky force 10 is the moose lodge. it's 50, 60 feet across. but at this point, they are telling me that they didn't hear or see anything. neighbors up the hill say the same thing. so at this point we're trying to
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figure out what happened. if you're going out of one specific room here at the day one hotel, we try to learn more details and police get more details and they are sure to bring them to you. i asked, should we be concerned that this is a sort of crime that we should be concerned about in this area right now and they wouldn't even say it was a crime, first of all, and at this point they believe everything that is happening is isolated to this spot at the day one motel. police are still here talking it over. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. the eagles are on the west coast trying to start a winning streak. but it was the birds first loss since september and only the second of the season. so you have to keep that in
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mind, keep it in perspective. the birds and the fans have to keep their heads held high and shake off the disappointment which sometimes it's hard to do. >> here's the front cover. it reads, "get a grip. the eagles dropped one but it's just one." rams, and take care of business, the rest of this season. >> and ertz, the bird's tight end, left last night with a head injury. hopefully he'll be better. no word on what caused that -- rather, whether or not they are calling it a concussion. we know what caused it because we saw it on the field.
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we'll keep you updated on his status. >> they look to bounce back as they take on the ram l.a. on sunday. coverage begins sunday morning at 9:30. breaking news from michigan. the silverdome was just imploded. this comes after a failed attempt to bring it down yesterday morning. an executive says explosives set in key spots around the stadium'spp not detonate because of a wiring issue. the pontiac silver dome with all of the smoke finally demolished in flint, michigan. to a new twist now in the ongoing investigation of russian meddling in the u.s. election. >> today, president trump's personal lawyer claims a president cannot obstruct justice. john dowd said the president has every right to view his opinion
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of any case. this came after trump came under fire from a tweet this weekend. the president tweeted that he fired michael flynn for lying to the vice president and fbi. that suggests the president knew flynn lied when he asked fbi director james comey to go easy on him. the president's lawyer has said he wrote that tweet. the president today said he felt bad for flynn. >> hillary clinton lied many times to the fbi. nothing happened to her. flynn lied a he they destroyed his life. i think it's a shame. >> despite the president's comment, james comey told congress last year that the bureau had no basis to conclude that secretary clinton lied to the fbi. >> today the president officially tweeted his support for alabama candidate roy moore. the president tweeted, "democrats refusal to give even
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one vote for massive tax cuts is why we need to support roy moore." roy moore said he can't, quote, wait to help him drown the swamp. nine women have accused him of sexual misconduct to sexual assault of a minor. moore has denied all of the accusations. billy bush is weighing in on an infamous accusations reported in an ak sa"access hollywood" t. mr. bush was on the bus with mr. trump when trump was heard bragging about his treatment of women. mr. trump told the senator he didn't believe the voice on the tape was his. although he did apologize for the comments months ago. nbc 10 is intownship where fired his gun at two robbery suspects. the men jumped the counter and held a gun to a female
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employee's head. that's when a pharmacist pulled the trigger. the suspects weren't hit and got away. nearby residents are anxious for an arrest. >> it's really sad that we have to live like this, in fear of things like this happening because it's just, like i said, bad times. >> police say the men were wearing ski masks, black hoodies and gloves. a stabbing left a 65-year-old man dead. the door to the man's johnston's street home was unlocked and open. police are speaking with the woman who knew the man in hopes of figuring out just what happened. local high school football stars are among three people charged with robbing a philadelphia wawa. surveillance video from outside the store on july 30th shows a
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man identified as young. police say he reason away with more than $13,000 cht he was. he was a rising star running back and committed to penn state before he committed this crime. >> sports betting could be closer to a reality today. the supreme court heard from both sides. today, several justices suggested they would side with new jersey. the court will make its decision this summer. a philadelphia city council woman wants to bring changes to stop and go stores that sell asking for the removal of the plexiglass around the register. some say the barrier interferes
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with the client and business interaction but others say plexiglass is needed for safety reasons. >> it's their safety and their lives. in certain neighborhoods people need to protect themselves. >> the legislation defines the food and alcohol business that have 30 or more seats in the property and a public restroom. if approved, this goes until the beginning of next summer. we're learning more about the man killed in a gloucester township food pantry. flames ripped through the building early sunday morning. a woman and child inside were injured. there's still no word on a cause but officials don't believe it was suspicion. a former villanova student accused of secretly recording women in campus bathrooms is gu.
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he also did this at the cvs where he worked and also during high school. his computer had more than 51,000 images and videos and secret recordings, including child porn. he'll be sentenced in january. the finishing touches are being put on septa's renovation project. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with the key player in the republican tax plan speaking out for the first time since it was passed over the weekend. >> pat toomey says the bill he helped pass would lower the tax income on low and middle income families. it's not a done deal yet. lauren mayk has more. lauren? >> a group of lawmakers now have to come up with a new plan.
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senator pat toomey in what could be the home stretch of a tax bill republicans have now gotten through both houses of congress. democrats have criticized the process and the outcome but toomey calls it a tremendous legislative accomplishment. >> virtually all low and middle income taxpayers are going to see a net tax cut. >> reporter: the pennsylvania senator played a key role in the bill which now has to be fused with the house bill. differences include when the corporate tax rate stops and whether you can deduct medical expenses. toomey says all of the differences can be resolved. >> the big tools to achieve the goals are the same. >> reporter: what comes next in washington, though, is also under watch where attorney pam wall is worried about what it will cost. >> our concern is whenç it com time to pay for that, congress is going to make massive cuts to medicaid and medicare,
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primarily. >> reporter: she's concerned once the tax bill is wrapped up, programs that clients count on could get scrutiny. >> i think the scope of the bill is going to create such a huge deficit that we have an enormous problem on our hands. >> the republicans have said that it will boost growth. a taxation report says that economic growth would increase the deficit by $1 trillion over ten years. jim? >> lauren mayk. a program providing health insurance to 9 million kids across the country, nbc 10 celebrates the children's health insurance program and it adopted to help low-income families supplement health insurance. congress could put more than 100,000 p.a. families in jeopardy. >> the failure to reauthorize this program is impacting many
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more families than they even understand because every day there's more and more families out there that can't afford the coverage that they are being provided by their employer. >> representatives attended today's event and both say they support reauthorization. turning to our first alert weather, taking a live look from our camera in avalon, cape may county. beautiful scene. >> pretty mild and a good weekend to put the decorations up on the house. it's going to change pretty fast. >> and some rain on the way, too, right? >> we have rain on the way and i hope you get those decorations up. this was your window to do it. 47 in the pennsylvania suburbs. delaware, 49. 51 in south jersey. jersey shore, 53. philadelphia, 51. yes, we have cloud cover. a few peaks of sunshine but we'll watch those clouds
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continue to thicken as the evening wears on. in b in bedminister, 48. oxford, 48. very popular numbers. so we're very comfortable, in the upper 40s and low 50s right now. let's zoom on in to philadelphia. it's 51 at the airport. 52 at society hill. 49 in parkside. 51 for all of you. we're looking at 52 in parkwood. so it's comfortable. we should be 49th time of year for our daytime high. we exceeded that today. we're going to do it again tomorrow and then you best get ready for winter and here's why. we're going to see rain showers tomorrow. we'll see a light rain shower in the morning and then we'll see a steadier heavier rain tomorrow afternoon and early wednesday morning. temperatures tomorrow are near 60 degrees. it's going to be very comfortable. don't be fooled. temperatures will fall drastically behind that rain and the cold front that brings it
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that we could see flurries friday night and may even see a rain/snow mix by saturday into sunday morning. as far as the cold air, that 60 you see tomorrow might be the last one we see in a very long time because cold air arrives on thursday. we're talking about highs only in the low 40s. arctic air arrives late next week. we'll be lucky to break the freezing mark. everything is quiet other than the cloud cover across our area. you can see the clouds spilling from the lehigh valley to the jersey shore. covering pennsylvania but then you see rain that returns out of ohio and michigan and heavier snow, significant snow across the northern plains. this is the main body of this storm system that swings by and the cold front driving it is going to be arriving tomorrow night and early on wednesday morning. ahead of that, we continue to see clouds. look how mild we are overnight. you wake up in the mid- and upper 40s but spotty shower out
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there for the morning commute. we have a little bit of a break. just spotty showers and then look what happens tomorrow afternoon. it's with us into the evening hours. yes, we hit 60 and, yes, we stay mild until wednesday morning. our daytime high is right after midnight. watch what happens when the rain leaves. and when the front comes through, temperatures wednesday afternoon only in the upper 30s and low 40s. it's quite chilly as the clouds clear and that's all we do on our thursday. low 40s around the area and there is more of that muck coming down. tomorrow, 60. 55 on wednesday. 40s in the afternoon on thursday and 40 on friday and rain/snow mix on saturday and flurries and 38 early on sunday. it just stays cold. it's when you get down here to the ninth and tenth day that we'll have a hard time breaking the freezing mark and we can just see plain, good-old fashion
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snow. guys? a woman whose mission it was to become a mother. >> the first baby born from a uterus transplant and how it's giving hope to women who can't have children. and why customers are concerned about the deal between cvs and aetna. plus, this -- >> who makes the cut? the movement that "time" magazine is considering for person of the year. that's next. a look at the closing bell on wall street. the nasdaq finished up and the dow and s&p closed down for the day.
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we have more breaking news just in to our newsroom. the trump administration can fully enforce a ban on travel to the united states by residents of six mostly muslim countries. the justices say this ban could take effect even while there are still legal challenges against it and it applies to travelers from chad, iran, libya, somalia, syria and yemen. >> lower courts have said that they could not be kept out of the country. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. "time" magazine has released its short list of influencers. >> and topping the list is jeff bezos. also on the list of contenders, the dreamers. dreamers refers to the thousands
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of undoumedundocumented immigra brought to the u.s. by their parents. >> special counsel robert mueller is up for the person of year title. mueller is the fbi's special prosecutor who is leading the probe into potential collusion between donald trump's presidential campaign and russia. we'll take a closer look at some of the other topics coming up at 5:00 and watch the "today" show wednesday morning for the exclusive announcement for "time's" person of the year right after nbc 10 news today. kids as young as 6 years old can now communicate through a new facebook app. >> but critics say it's no child's play. still ahead, the safety concern created through the messenger kids app that are raising some parents' eyebrows. plus, the mega merger that could change your health care what the deal between cvs and
4:27 pm
aetna could mean between where and how you buy your medicine. and a mattress mix-up. the red flags you need to know before you buy, next at 5:00. i saw the change in rich when we moved into the new house.
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progressive can't save you from becoming your parents. but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto. from or pumpkin pie with every $20 orderr parents. you can eat it wherever you want, even if you are in someone else's house... santa. enter promo code, freepie, on your next order at right now at 4:30, a health care mega merger that will impact people across our area. >> the $69 billion transaction between aetna and cvs could impact where people buy their medicine and how they pay for it. >> reporter: jim, it is a change
4:31 pm
that could impact millions of us. the cvs store behind me is one of 56 stores in the city of philadelphia alone and there are dozens more in south jersey and delaware as news of this merger is spreading questions abound. we caught up with jessica getting in her car this morning as the type 1 diabetic finished her weekly visit to this cvs. the consolidation plan leaves her fearful about her medical costs. she says the combined aetna/cvs feels too big and too powerful. >> it's great when things aren't in the same boat and run by the same person because when it's all run by the same person, they can do whatever they want. >> reporter: the $69 billion deal mergers the second largest drugstore with the third largest health insurer and would mean more clinics and health insurers
4:32 pm
in cvs. the ceo says patients will benefit. >> making it navigate and reduce cost and help them achieve the best health care for them. >> it's different than the usual one hospital buying another hospital. >> reporter: michael is a clinical professor and says consumers gobble up another but rather two players in adjoining spaces coming together. shared data and expertise could mean big changes for the difference. >> the question is, can they pull it off for tlaheir patienc? >> reporter: in the meantime, they have convincing to do.
4:33 pm
>> i don't think that huge conglomerates should be taking over everything. and so we all know how ubiquitous the store is, regulators still have to approve this deal and on that front aetna has had some trouble recently. regulators killed a proposed merger between aetna and another insurer just earlier this year. reporting live in manti yok, george spencer, nbc news. >> here's something else to consider. the pharmacy business could be getting more crowded in the midst of all of this. amazon has had discussions with j nar ri generic drugmakers about getting into the pharmacy business. it's unclear if they will sell as a cretailer but there are doubts because of regulatory issues. clouds move in to center
4:34 pm
city and the rain is not far behind. this is a look at broad street. we're tracking the return of rain for your tuesday. first alert radar showing that rain coming in. tammie souza is tracking the timing. >> once it gets here, is it going to stick around for a while? >> i think we'll have a soggy tuesday but are you guys ready for some snow? >> sure. >> not a lot. >> well, i love it. i love it. you're in the spirit of the season. i hope all of you at home are ready for it because the first flakes could be nying flying by end of the week. right now, everything is quiet as far as precipitation, rain or other. we have clouds that have coming in and the first spotty showers in the northwestern part of pennsylvania. this huge system that is coming out of the plains, you can make out a very distinct line coming
4:35 pm
out of missouri and going through iowa. it's out ahead of the cold front. behind it, significant snow. ahead of it, rain and thunderstorms. by tomorrow night, we'll see pretty steady rainfall and that will be lingering all night and into early on wednesday. so far, the highs have been in the low 50s across the area. a little cooler today. if you were up in the upper pennsylvania suburbs and lehigh valley, berks county, 51 in millville and 50 for mt. holly and 49 in wilmington. here's a quick look of what will happen in your neighborhood. in philadelphia, 6:00 in the morning, 50 degrees with cloud cover. 46 in the pennsylvania suburbs. lehigh valley, 44 degrees. spotty showers. 48 in delaware. 48 in new jersey and 52 along the jersey shore. i'll come back and time out the rain for you in a few minutes.
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here's a look at the stories we're following county-by-county. a battle is brewing over a group home for teenagers with autism. residents in palmer township say the home is operating without permission but the care provider says they have a right to be there as much as anybody else. state inspectors cited the home for waste and trash issues. a meeting is scheduled for the zoning hearing board tomorrow night. a case of alleged gerrymandering is going to trial this week. the democratic committee filed a lawsuit back in october to challenge the congressional districts that lawmakers approved back in 2011. he says the makeup of the district gives republican lawmakers an unfair advantage. if the court sides with the chairman, we could see a quick redrawing of the districts before next year's midterm elections. in cumberland county, three st winner of the 2017 congressional app challenge.
4:37 pm
the challenge is called eating green and helps track recalls and 50 students in south jersey were part of that competition. author mary otto was on hand in southwest philadelphia this afternoon. the former "washington post" journalist is an advocate for affordable dental health for all americans. kids smiles dental group provides services to 9,000 patients every year. a newborn making medical history when he came into this world. the baby boy is the first birth from a woman who received a uterus transplant. how this is giving hope to women who cannot carry children. plus, getting enough sleep instead of hitting that snooze button. how school start times are impacting the amount of shut eye for teenagers. judge denied bail for philadelphia rapper meek mill. we're digging deeper with our legal expert. what is next for the rapper as
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you know sleep is enough, right? getting enough sleep to succeed in the classroom is what we're talking about. a new study shows that later class start times could benefit kids. pushing start times past 8:30 in the morning means kids will get at least eight hours of sleep each night, at least they should. the majority of students did not stay up later just because they could sleep in. and we've got rain on the way. do you know where your umbrella is? you're going to need it for a large part of the day tomorrow. after that, you may need the snow shovel. i'll explain. oh, deer. where this deer surprised shoppers in pennsylvania.
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♪ a lunchtime treat for shoppers here in center city the high school choir sang christmas songs. a perfect way to get into the holiday spirit. safety concerns over a brand-new safety app for kids has parents looking into how it works. it's called messenger kids. it gives the kids ages 6 to 11 the ability to video chat and send messages. facebook says it's focused on fun like sound effects and parents must approve all contacts in advance. kids can block anyone that makes them feel uncomfortable and kids cannot delete their conversations. as for worries that children
4:46 pm
will be glued to their screens facebook is looking into building controls that affects the time on the app. >> facebook is not going away. it's great for parents to see how they can communicate effectively online. >> facebook says kids' information will not be used for ads. right now the app is only available on apple products. in north philadelphia, a special holiday visit for patients at st. christopher's hospital. the mascot visited with the kids there and brought lego bricks so patients could make some of their own creations. always a lot of fun. turning to our first alert weather, but some rain is going to be making its way into our area. >> and perfect weather to stay inside with the kids and build those legos.
4:47 pm
outside the clouds have moved in. we have sunshine earlier today the city is looking prettier. it's because the lights have turned on so it looks brighter out there. 54 for the high. no rainfall yet. i don't think we'll see it before midnight. a high of wind gusts only at 10 miles an hour tomorrow we're up around 60 degrees. then we drop to 55 on wednesday. that's the temperature right after midnight. it will fall quickly into the 40s. on thursday, only 44. 40s as we round out the week and get into sunday when we have a high of only 38. we're headed down, not up again. i just want you to know this and locate your winter gear for the end of the week. we don't have any rain in the area. clouds drifting through right
4:48 pm
now. we have a storm system that is producing showers across portions of the eastern great lakes moving into the northwest part of pennsylvania. and you can see a line, this line right here from missouri up through parts of iowa and into southern minnesota. that is where the cold front is. there's gusty storms there behind it. some snow ahead of it. we'll see scattered showers. for us, this is how we break is down hour by hour for your neighborhood. we're going to be dropping from the upper 40s and low 50s where we are now. we'll see the clouds thicken and tomorrow morning when you wake up, we're in the 40s. a very mild night but spotty showers. that means isolated around the area until we get into the early afternoon. then we see the steady rain move in it. through 7:30, the later part of the evening, that's when we hit our high, right around 60 degrees in philadelphia. upper 50s elsewhere. as it begins to clear out in the wee hours of wednesday morning, we're still quite cool right after midnight.
4:49 pm
and then look what happens. the sun comes back out and we're only at 38 degrees and we only climb up near 40 and then we really fall off drastically. thursday, only in the low 40s across the area. look at this up in canada. minus 18. let's watch what happens as this comes down in our direction. it comes around and around and around. it doesn't really leave. we have numbing cold. finally by the end of next week, it is so cold that we actually could see our first flurries flying and maybe even rain/snow mix. at the end of next week, flurries and snow. take a look at those numbers. in the ten days, we end with
4:50 pm
snow. >> it's way too early. the point is, anything that fall is in the form of snow. >> more like flurries. >> it could be. >> got to get ready for it at some time. how this little guy made medical history when he came into the world. that's next. also, we're learning new information about temple. that story all new at 5:00.
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babies are special but one has made medical history. >> erin coleman has more. >> it's the first baby born in the united states to a woman with a transplanted uterus. the sweet sound of success. a baby boy delivered by c-section last month at baylor university medical center. the physicians who made it possible clearly moved by the experience. >> there was something about this that was so special to -- sorry. i'm an emotional person. >> the baby's mother, who is not being identified, was born without a uterus. she's one of ten women undergoing uterine transplants at baylor. the donor in texas volunteered to give up her uterus so another
4:55 pm
could have a pregnant nancy. >> the depth of the desire of a woman to carry her own pregnancy. >> reporter: the trial has not worked for everyone. at least three uterine transplants at baylor have failed. "we humbly hope that our little boy can serve as an inspiration to those struggling with interfelt and no matter what obstacles are in your path, with the right team working beside you, anything is possible." this will not be the last. another baylor womb transplant recipient is pregnant. this is only the ninth baby in the world to be born following a transplant. all others are in sweden. up next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, we follow breaking news of a major victory for president trump. within the last half hour, the supreme court ruled the president's travel ban on six mainly muslim countries can go into effect. plus, bail denied.
4:56 pm
we're digging into rapper meek mill's fight for freedom. what we uncovered in documents on why a judge denied his request for a bail hearing. take a look at first alert radar and satellite. clouds across the area, and we're tracking rain for wednesday, tuesday and much colder air. we'll look at how low we go, coming up. in wilmington, two people shot and killed at a motel. we're live with the latest details on the investigation.
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breaking news right now at 5:00, a major victory for the trump white house. in the last half hour, the supreme court has allowed the travel ban to take full effect. >> jacqueline london is live with more details on this. jacqueline? >> jim and erin, this is one of the first executive orders that president trump signed when he arrived in the oval office and he immediately faced challenges from courts across the country. the version of the ban that the court approved today was passed by the white house in september. that applies to travelers from chad, iran, libya, somalia and syria. lower courts say those with a bona fide relationship in the united states could not be denied access to the country but today's decision overruled that.
5:00 pm
it's unclear when the policy will take full effect. courts in san francisco and richmond will be holding arguments on the legality of the ban this week. in the breaking news center, jacqueline london, nbc news. now to a philadelphia rapper's fight for freedom. a judge denied meek mill's request for a bail hearing. judge denise brinkley says he's a flight risk. >> deanna durante spent the day digging through several documents related to this case and she's joining us live in center city. >> reporter: it's strong but not unexpected. she's sticking by her reasoning saying that meek mill is a threat to public safety and a flight risk. now he's facing significant lifetime. his jail sentence has been met with protests. buses turning to billboards and th


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